May 05, 2009

a Fun thought.

i really like this dave and buster's commercial. the idea is that everyone has a little part of them that's reserved for having fun, and D&B externalizes this fun as a lil munchkin - a half-sized version of each person dressed in some sort of extreme apparel. the guy's Fun is a dirt biker. the girl's Fun is a lightweight boxing champ.

if i had a Fun, he would be dressed as relish.

but the point isn't Fun's attire. the point is this: willie bloomquist could very well be john buck's Fun.

i'm not the first to mention their resemblance. at a quick glance - and after a long stare sometimes - you can really get the two mixed up. the only real difference: 5 inches and 30 pounds. i just like to picture willie out there bouncin around at john's side, giggling and playing skee-ball and pop-a-shot with Big John. just look at willie's face! scary resemblance.

also consider: mike aviles as vin diesel's Fun.


1 comment:

rachel rianne said...

you mean,

this mike aviles?