May 10, 2009

white cherry freezoni.

i filled out a survey for QuikTrip WebGroup on thursday afternoon. i had answered all the questions (this particular survey happened to be about the Freezoni beverages they sell at QT), and i came to the final section titled "Additional Comments:".

normally i would blow right past this section and move on to the free coupon i receive for filling out these surveys, but there is only one complaint i have ever had about QuikTrip, and this was my chance to speak my mind. i wrote the following paragraph:

"i would like to add that i have had an extensive history of the "white cherry" flavor being out of order. there were 4 different QuikTrip locations in the Kansas City area that failed to have a functioning white cherry Freezoni throughout the summer in 2008. i hope that your management will look into this issue and try your best to address it. otherwise, thanks for continuing to be my favorite gas station/restaurant."



rachel rianne said...

2 things 'bout that picture.
1: you're wearing the same thing as your prof picture.

&2: your smile is thoroughly awkward/awesome. and i hope that doesn't offend. and i love qt too.

Holly said...


alicia said...

okay first of all, oh my gosh yes. I totally agree with the whole white cherry freezoni thing.

second of all, cannot wait to work together this summer. Oh the QT that will be consumed. :)