May 27, 2010

video blogs & super jack brothers.

i'm thinking about dabbling in video blogs.

i have a feeling that they're a more effective way of communicating than writing paragraphs, bullet points, etc. they're more interactive and more interesting. and i feel like with my editing experience, they'd be equally as tasking to post.

BUT there are definitely pros and cons to both. for example, i can't embed clever links/asterisks in videos, but i can in text.* but when i get super excited about something - say, the LOST finale - there's no way that text can fully capture the high degree of emotion that i'm feeling in that moment.

so that's on the horizon.

also - this is the best ever (warning, potential spoiler):



* - see?

May 24, 2010

what makes me feel alive?

- general mysteriousness and detective work.
- intentionally digesting a new album.
- a quality ipa.
- LOST references.
- star wars everything.
- bringing on the cats.
- jumping into bodies of water.
- planning life with my future wife.
- spontaneous rhyming.
- sizing up a room and determining how we would fare in Survivor.
- throwing rocks.
- storytelling.
- my two beautiful and genius sisters.
- understanding and actually feeling that i am an integral part of God's story.
- my initials...


May 18, 2010

boba fett/espn.

this is stinkin amazing. someone, somewhere is an absolute genius. and for the first time in my life, i want a bumper sticker.


May 02, 2010

confirmation sunday.

just a little video i put together to welcome our congregation to today's confirmation sunday. props to jay and mark for ruling the world.

and props to ALL the confirmands. i'm proud of you all.