June 11, 2009

ap still exists. phew.

i feel like i have so much to say, but i'm absolutely awful at saying it suddenly.

in the last few weeks i have done so much more than this blog shows. this thing used to be a terrific way to keep up to date with my life and what i'm doing and the things i'm passionate about. however, right now the two aren't very analogous. so much is happening in my life and so little is occurring on this mug. maybe it's because too much is happening and i'm certain that i won't be able to adequately express my thoughts on here.

also john buck is on the disabled list and the royals have been the worst team in baseball over the last month. this doesn't bode well for my writing.

however, i will say that my life is chugging along well. i keep pretty busy trying to juggle youth ministry, videography, softball, moving into a new apartment, disc golf and time with karlie. the good thing is that i absolutely love all of those things (especially the last one), so despite 'wearing so many hats' i absolutely love my life.

this weekend is the first weekend that i truly have "off". hopefully that will bring with it a fresh blogging spirit and tons of motivation to write. i'll probably have to chronicle my first ever meat smoking experience tomorrow. dave and i are firing up the smoker around 4 am tomorrow. i'll be more of a man by this time tomorrow.

speaking of being more of a man...perhaps the biggest development in the last few weeks: i've started parting my hair to the side. gasp.

karlie thinks it's cute. and i think she's cute. so i do what she says. can't really argue with the logic there. truth be told - it looks pretty much the same.


June 02, 2009

henry nouwen.

"the great illusion of leadership is that someone can be led out of the desert by someone who's never been there."

June 01, 2009

i'm the logical one.

you can prepare yourself for a flood of blogging from apc - because i finally have the internet in my apartment. i didn't do anything at all to get it here. it was all nick. the proof that he did it all: the name of the wireless airport is literally called "It's this one, adam."

but i'm not a total bum roommate. i've purchased all kinds of assorted goodies for my new abode. bathroom goodies, kitchen goodies, foosball goodies...all logical purchases when moving into a new home. i don't like to spend a lot of money when i don't have to. it's usually pretty easy for me to think, "do i need this?" my rule of thumb: if i have to ask, i probably don't.

however. last wednesday, something miraculous happened. i was at target with a $50 gift card. i came with a few things in mind: a new dresser, a skillet, a new coffee table, some poster frames, etc. there were so many items to choose from! it's so hard to walk through target with a limited amount of money and think, "i could literally use all of this stuff in my new apartment." except a lint roller. i already have one of those.

so i paced around the store for about 15-20 minutes. i got frustrated. i needed so many things and i couldn't decide what i wanted to spend my fifty bones on. so i settled upon what any normal individual in such a situation would purchase...

...the complete star wars dvd collection.

that's right. i passed up all the other practical items on my list and went with something that i didn't truly need. but let's be totally honest with ourselves here - it's something that every home should have. i saw it from afar, walked straight to it, nodded emphatically, and headed for register 12.

and 4 days later, i have zero regrets.


also, please watch the trailer for jedi gym.