June 01, 2009

i'm the logical one.

you can prepare yourself for a flood of blogging from apc - because i finally have the internet in my apartment. i didn't do anything at all to get it here. it was all nick. the proof that he did it all: the name of the wireless airport is literally called "It's this one, adam."

but i'm not a total bum roommate. i've purchased all kinds of assorted goodies for my new abode. bathroom goodies, kitchen goodies, foosball goodies...all logical purchases when moving into a new home. i don't like to spend a lot of money when i don't have to. it's usually pretty easy for me to think, "do i need this?" my rule of thumb: if i have to ask, i probably don't.

however. last wednesday, something miraculous happened. i was at target with a $50 gift card. i came with a few things in mind: a new dresser, a skillet, a new coffee table, some poster frames, etc. there were so many items to choose from! it's so hard to walk through target with a limited amount of money and think, "i could literally use all of this stuff in my new apartment." except a lint roller. i already have one of those.

so i paced around the store for about 15-20 minutes. i got frustrated. i needed so many things and i couldn't decide what i wanted to spend my fifty bones on. so i settled upon what any normal individual in such a situation would purchase...

...the complete star wars dvd collection.

that's right. i passed up all the other practical items on my list and went with something that i didn't truly need. but let's be totally honest with ourselves here - it's something that every home should have. i saw it from afar, walked straight to it, nodded emphatically, and headed for register 12.

and 4 days later, i have zero regrets.


also, please watch the trailer for jedi gym.