April 30, 2007


this evening i am embarking on an experience i should have had this time last year, however, situations fell through time and time again and here i am in may 2007 preparing to watch High School Musical. since the day i first heard of it i have wanted to see it - that probably had much to do with me working full time with middle and high school students - but nevertheless, i was and still am eager to see this flick.

i'm pretty pumped, thats for sure. i only hope that the person i watch it with doesnt know every word to every song. that could potentially ruin my experience. not because it is annoying, but because i'm clearly jealous that they know all the words and i do not.

that's something that always disappoints me. i like to think that i have a pretty decent ability of memorizing things and remembering lyrics so songs and quotes to movies, and when people know them and i dont. actually, beyond disappointing, and just straight up annoying, is when they think they know the quotes but fail at them miserably. so so so sad. i feel bad for them and the people who don't know any different.

in other news:

i'm going to buck night at the K on friday night. the royals play detroit - a probable loss, however, you never know when JB might go off. every night is probable. ESPECIALLY on nights named after him. Buck Night? seriously? what more excitement is there?

i'll tell you what. live hot dog races. ketchup, mustard and relish come sprinting out of the visitor's bullpen toward home plate. relish of course wins - cause he/she IS the greatest. i'm going to assume its a he...for reasons inappropriate for this blog. last year's season come down to the last game of the season between mustard and relish - relish won like 9 of the last 11 races to make a run at the 06 title. so great.

thats about it. i promise i'll have something meaningful to read about soon.
k late.


April 23, 2007

bullhorn fella.

there was a guy in the union courtyard yelling about christianity in a bullhorn today with a giant sign that said, "REAL CHRISTIANS DON'T SUPPORT WAR!"

i couldn't help but laugh at the guy - situations like that are just ridiculous. i kinda wanted to make a huge sign just like his that said, "REAL CHRISTIANS DON'T CARRY BULLHORNS!" then i could just stand on the other side of the courtyard and talk to no one at all and probably be better received than johnny bullhorn. actually i'd probably have a greater effect than the dude talking to everyone. if conviction is the outlet he's going for - i'm at least for sure convicting him - he's likely not to reach a single person in a whole day's yelling.

but that might end up being too sarcastic and scathing. real christians are friendly and loving. blast.

but now i must leave my computer to sit outside in the beautiful manhattan weather.


April 22, 2007

some thoughts for sunday the 22nd.

thought number 1: spitz seasoned sunflower seeds are the best seeds on the planet. if you even suggest fisher i'll punch you in the head. fisher seeds taste like overly salted kitty litter. yuck.

thought number 2: i'm watching the nba playoffs. day two of nine hundred. they last forever. i'm rooting for the following teams: cleveland, toronto, golden state, phoenix. the rest of the teams i either dont care about or dont want to see win (read: kobe bryant. nothing against they guy other than that he's great). lebron pretty much has a free ride to the conference finals against the pistons. toronto will probably get upset by new jersey cause they're a young team with no playoff experience...and new jersey has vince carter and jason kidd. golden state doesnt have the slightest bit of a chance against dirk and the mavs, but they haven't been in the playoffs since 1994 and they're massive underdogs - gotta root for em. phoenix deserves a title. they're a regular season team and dont know how to do it in the playoffs - they ought to do better this year cause they're finally healthy - except they're playing kobe...so you never know. too bad the pacers fell apart and missed the playoffs this year - i can't think of a more consistently slightly above average team over than the last few years than the pacers. not great. just alright. i'm a huge jamaal tinsley fan - thats basically the only reason i like them. anyways. enough of this. it'll go on for the next month and a half, so its not like i wont have time to talk about it.

EDIT: golden state beat dallas tonight. holler.

thought number 3: this whole all-kstate-is-pepsi thing is starting to really get on my nerves. especially since they discontinued vanilla coke - who's stupid idea was that? some of us thrive on the stuff. anyway. thats just a little disappointing vent for now.

thought number 4: i'm traveling to topeka on saturday to see my family and watch my sister anna swim for the kc blazers. i've only gotten to see her twice before because, well, i'm in college in another city - and she used to come and watch my baseball games in high school all the time. apparently she's really really good. and i pretty much believe it. she is a cooper afterall - so she has to be great.

thought number 5: i discovered the absolute joy of Party Shuffle on itunes. although it is slightly frustrating that i'm unable to change the words "Party Shuffle" to something greater...or even put them in lower case lettering because, well, if you haven't noticed yet, i'm not a huge fan of using capitalization unless it is truly necessary. like in "God" or "Party Shuffle". pretty much thats most of it. maybe in movie titles or something too. anyway. i never really realized the awesomeness of it - you can play different playlists on random, but you can see what songs are coming up and what songs have just played at the same time. pretty awesome stuff.

okay that is all for now.
kisses and pets.


April 18, 2007


john buck just hit a solo homerun in the top of the 10th to beat the tigers 4-3 in detroit.

my favorite player is now batting .435 on the season, and .719 in the last week.

just further proof that life is good when john buck is in it.


April 16, 2007

va tech.

32 dead in a school shooting at virginia tech today.

i'll bypass all my thoughts regarding how crappy, pitiful and relatively useless this world is. that is obvious pretty much all the time. just another disaster in the news. brush it off i guess - not to make light of the situation, but i'm tired of hearing about disasters.

i'm writing this as this story is still developing - it's 3:23 - the president just came on to do his "its my job so i have to tell everyone that i'm sad about this too" speech. it was shorter and more concise than i expected it to be - and he actually said something that i had been thinking and that connected with my own thoughts:

"the impact is felt on every campus and in every community."

no joke. for anyone at any college right now - there is no way you're not a little bit frightened. i got home and found out about it and immediately felt borderline sick to my stomach. that very well could've been k-state. could've been any campus anywhere. there's nothing special about virginia tech that makes it any scarier than kansas state. and there isn't anything about people in manhattan taht make them distinctly different from people in blackburg, va, or any other city. THAT is what makes me most nervous and sad about this event and story - it makes no difference where you are. this is possible - and it is an instant reality check for sure. kinda makes life seem a little shorter and less important.

anyway. along with the obvious 'what a wonderful world' reactions - thats my thoughts.
more to come maybe.


April 14, 2007

panda express.

before i get into anything else: happy birthday brethren.

now. moving on.

lately i've been indulging in mass amounts of chinese food. the Panda Express in the union has probably pulled about 75 bucks off me in the last couple months. i eat it about three times a week probably - i'm not sure if that is healthy or not, but i'm sure i'll get sick of it eventually. for now though it is a delight every day.

chow mein, orange chicken, kung pao. so great.

but, as of late, what has been even better has been the phenomenal fortunes i've pulled with my meals. usually i think fortune cookies are lame. maybe that is because one of my friends once got "you struggle with self improvement" and i once got "you love chinese food." but as of late they've been like the greatest things you could come up with.

monday: "your dream will come true."

wednesday: "your luck will change completely today."

friday: "you are talented in many ways."

granted that last one isn't really a fortune. it's more just a fact - and one i already knew at that. but the other two are tight. especially monday. the only way that could be any better at all would be if it said something like "ALL your dreamS will come true." thats like the pinnacle of all possible fortunes. i mean really. your DREAM will come true.

i personally think its a load of poo, but it'd be neat. thats for sure.

and thats all i have to say about THAT.


April 13, 2007

oh hey guys, adam here.

i'm not exactly sure how to explain myself here. between the months of december and february i was borderline obsessed with blogging. then, something clicked in my brain which apparently shorted out whatever lobe stimulates blogging motivation...either the temporal or the frontal lobes probably. anyways. i'd like to apologize to all the dedicated readers i had and i'd like to hope it doesnt happen again. maybe i'll just claim i gave it up for lent or something.

what has happened in the last month? eh. i guess i had a birthday, thats something neat.

oh man, but more importantly - baseball has resumed. i dont care what everyone who faithfully watched the '85 world series has to say - go cardinals. go royals. period. if they meet each other in the series i dont know what i'll do. actually i'd probably root for the royals now that the cards have won a championship in my lifetime. can you imagine that series?! the two greatest players in the game today square off - albert pujols/john buck?! wow. serious intensity. thats just good clean fun there - except be wary albert, j-buck's been known to deck latinos in the dugout (see runelvys hernandez 09/12/06).

john buck is, and forever will be, my favorite.

oh, i saw "meet the robinsons" twice over easter weekend - once with my friend karlie and then again with my family - it was absolutely terrific. first off, i absolutely love all those pixar-type movies. toy story will always be one of my favorites. secondly, it has some serious plot twists. usually, from what i've noticed, these animated movies tend to have very linear plot lines. one thing happens early in the movie and the entire movie is spent as a journey to fix that thing. example: finding nemo. the movie is about....finding nemo. nemo gets taken. his dad goes to get him from "p. sherman 42 wallaby way, syndey". thats about it. but this one....this one has some crazy "what. are you serious?!? no way." moments very late in the flick. plus it comes in 3D. and thats just cool. i saw it with the fam in 3D. pretty cool. not sure if it was worth the extra dough though. plus the glasses started hurting the bridge of my nose after a while. but those things aside, this movie was great.

it centers around this kid named lewis. in the opening scene you see his mother drop him off as a baby on the front step of an orphanage. he grows up there and has the worst time getting adopted because of his overactive imagination. he wants to invent things and is so passionate about it that he jeopardizes his chances of finding parents (the parents end up thinking he's a freak. plus he doesnt play sports. thats just weird).

he has an idea though - he'll invent a memory scanner so he can remember what his mother looked like and find her. however, on the day of the science fair the memory scanner is sabotaged and falls into the wrong hands - a skinny middle aged dude with a terrific mustache and a mechanical bowler cap for a best friend who happens to be in possession of a stolen time machine. in order to get it back, Lewis must travel into the future after the bowler hat guy to save his invention so he can see his mother again. in the future Lewis meets the robinson family. they're insane, but fun.

Anyways, i can't tell you too much, cause that'll spoil it and i'll be late for work if i do. but this movie is funny, clever, and it has a certain butterfly effect quality to it. anyways. big fan. go see it.