April 23, 2007

bullhorn fella.

there was a guy in the union courtyard yelling about christianity in a bullhorn today with a giant sign that said, "REAL CHRISTIANS DON'T SUPPORT WAR!"

i couldn't help but laugh at the guy - situations like that are just ridiculous. i kinda wanted to make a huge sign just like his that said, "REAL CHRISTIANS DON'T CARRY BULLHORNS!" then i could just stand on the other side of the courtyard and talk to no one at all and probably be better received than johnny bullhorn. actually i'd probably have a greater effect than the dude talking to everyone. if conviction is the outlet he's going for - i'm at least for sure convicting him - he's likely not to reach a single person in a whole day's yelling.

but that might end up being too sarcastic and scathing. real christians are friendly and loving. blast.

but now i must leave my computer to sit outside in the beautiful manhattan weather.


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