August 28, 2007

jb tshirt night at the k.

today is the day.

i've been itchin for tonight's game for quite some time now: john buck tshirt night at the k. my father is coming, as is my buddy dan and a plethora of folks from kstate too. its amazing how contagious j buck fever is. i caught it. it'll take you over.

there are certain days in life that you'll always remember. like the night i rode in a cinderella carriage on the plaza with 5 other guys throwing pennies to random spectators. or the night i saw earth wind and fire perform at sandstone amph. or the day when kstate beat texas in football and i rushed the field with thousands of others. or the day i played 40+ holes of disc golf with dave. or my birthday this year.
this will be one of those days.

even if the royals get absolutely blown out - 30-3 let's say - it will still be one of the greatest nights ever for two major reasons:
1) john buck will compete.
2) relish will compete.
besides the fact that i love baseball, those are the two major reasons i attend games at the K.
they could both lose, but just being in their presence is worth the trip.

and a third reason just for good measure: hello? john buck tshirt? no brainer.

i'll be honest though; i do have high expectations for this game as well. Bannister is pitching for the Royals against Robinson for the Tigers - the Tigers have given the Royals serious trouble in the past, but they're waning and KC is playing some decent baseball right now. i'll keep my fingers crossed. cmon FOURTH PLACE royals.
my prediction: john buck goes 4-5 and hits for the cycle while relish takes the hot dog race easily.


kanye countdown.

2 weeks til Graduation.

August 27, 2007

cognative dissonance.

recently (and by that i mean today) i have taken a liking to going to not only my own classes but the classes of some of my good friends as well.

i went to a social psychology class today that was possibly one of the coolest class periods i've ever experienced. this is frustrating for two reasons: 1) i'm not a psych major nor do i ever plan to be and 2) i'm not in the class.

i was sitting there listening to the professor (and the rest of the was a rather dynamic group) talk about cognative dissonance, and perhaps it was simply the excessive psychological vibe i was getting at the time, but i got really confused by my interest level. i'm not changing my major or anything, but i was so surprised at how attractive the topics were.

a guy is told to do remove four pegs from a peg board in order from right to left, and then are told to replace the four pegs in the same order they removed them in...and then repeat for half an hour. yes. seriously mindless activity. then, as if it isn't horrible enough already, after a half hour the examiner switches it up a bit: take the same four pegs and turn them each a quarter turn clockwise...then repeat for another 30 minutes. by now this guy is likely pondering a way to kill himself with these pegs. what a horribly terribly awfully wasted hour.

at the end of the hour the guy gets up to leave the room. before he goes, the man running the study tells the guy to tell the next test subject (an absolutely gorgeous female) that the test was really fun and enjoyable even though everyone in the world knows the thing sucks big time. so the guy does. he tells this chick that the deal is fun and that he liked it and everything. THEN, in the next room, another dude asks the guy if he liked the survey...and the guy says "yeah, it wasnt bad."

they ran this test a number of times, always with a guy first and an attractive female next in the waiting room, and an overwhelming percentage of guys say "yeah, sure, it was okay."

WHAT. this is horrible mindless torture! no one would be okay with spending an hour removing, inserting, removing, inserting, removing, inserting, twisting, twisting, twisting - even now i'm already growing tired of typing those words. but what idiot would lie about that!? if i'm in that room and some guy says "how's it coming?" i'd probably tell him i'd rather be at the dentist.

but here's what happens: there is an inconsistancy between the guy's thoughts and actions. he thinks it was lame. he says it was great. these don't coincide. because the guy tells the hottie in the lobby that its fun he starts to feel guilty because of this inconsistency, so what does he do? he decides that if he makes himself actually think that it was kinda fun then he wont feel guilty anymore. he obviously can't change his actions, so he has to change his feelings to cope with the situation.

i learned that today for fun.


August 20, 2007

most recent church sign.

many folks will give God credit.
but very few will give him cash.

(read: you need to tithe.)

August 14, 2007

monsoon of music.

music i'm simultaneously digesting:

- timbaland
- beck
- rhymefest
- amy winehouse
- n*e*r*d

i'm not sure if i like throwing down so much flav at the same time. it is so nice, but when i grab at them one at a time i can pace myself. for example, timbaland is terrific, but he'll take me a while to come to terms with entirely. however, miss winehouse i feel is one who i can understand and enjoy in minutes. she doesnt take much scrutiny.

however, the bigger downside is that i dont have time for MY music anymore (justin timberlake, gnarls barkley, john mayer, guster, ben folds, david crowder, etc.) but i still feel super motivated to find out if any of these artists will find their way into my tops - i mean look at john mayer and how he has developed in my eyes over the last year. last august = not a fan cause i never looked past "wonderland" and "no such thing". now = can't get enough.

i feel like the monsoon of music isn't going to stop soon either. i'm living with two gentlemen who are very much into music, and i feel like i might even have the opportunity to make some with them sometime this semester. anyway. i need to start pacing myself and allowing for some jt time. and some jm. and some bf and gnarls and crowder time.

but anyway. i guess thats about all i have to cover today.


August 09, 2007

science rules.

apparently they pumped this case with hydrogen, which is less dense than the rest of the air. but that whole pouring the hydrogen into the boat thing is way awesome. science rules.


August 03, 2007

85/97 and sunny/strong tunderstorms

i love it when i go to and it says it is 85 degrees with strong thunderstorms and then i look outside my window and the sun is shining.

at least the 85 degrees part is about right. the bank down the street said it was 97. i'd believe voldemort was real before i'd trust that bank marquee.


August 02, 2007

Apologize - Timbaland feat. One Republic

i'm planning on picking up Timbaland's cd "Shock Value" tomorrow sometime. it looks pretty tight - there are some guests on it that you'd expect (Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot) but there are some interesting pairings as well - One Republic (this video), Fall Out Boy, Elton John, The Hives. It looks way too interesting to pass up. The Way I Are is the single that some of you may have heard. It features Keri Hilson, (imagine Beyonce lacking a little soul and badonk). Its a pretty dece track.

i think this video is tight - and i love the song too. i wish there was a bit more Timbaland in it - i feel like its just a good One Republic track - but that doesnt mean its bad. i'm looking forward to the rest of the cd.

so far the only song i've heard a sample of that kinda bugs me is the Fall Out Boy song. and not because i'm not a huge FOB fan, but because Timbaland's opening lyrics have the EXACT same sound as a section of "Dance Dance". but thats a very fall out boy thing to do...maybe Timba is making fun of FOB in the track without them even knowing. that'd be silly.

but dont hold me to that - its just the sample and tracks have a way of growing/fading on me. take futuresex/lovesounds for example - used to love "my love" and think "summer love" was so average. now i like SL more than ML (still a big ML fan though).

anyway. i think i'll go pick it up tomorrow after i pick up my paycheck. hawt.

a review can be anticipated in a few weeks.


ps. everyone should hop on itunes and purchase "Make Me Better" by Fabolous & Ne-Yo. big fan of the strings combined with Ne-Yo's voice.