May 22, 2007


so i discovered something great today.

you know that ridiculous stuff on the radio that isn't necessarily wholesome or meaningful or the slightest bit lyrically complicated?
i've come to the realization that it is officially my favorite kind of music.
probably just cause it makes me dance/giggle.
sometimes separate, but usually at the same time.

lets take a stroll through the last few months:
gnarls barkley.
justin name a few.
heck even fall out boy makes me laugh - even if it is terrible.

but the newest edition to my collection: gwen stefani.
yes, i feel like a complete sell out, but man its great stuff.
i picked up her cd "sweet escape" today.
i'm so pleased.
it will quickly be added to dance mixes aplenty.


May 16, 2007


i wish i hadn't lost my motivation to post on this.
cause i used to be so good about it.
but the last two months or so have been just worthless.

i've had very little spiritual growth, and even less motivation to be creative, let alone funny.
maybe i'm growing up.
or maybe i'm just waiting for the motivation to return.

rest assured, when it does, these will be up every day.
again and again and again.

but until that day - late.