May 09, 2009

things i'll miss.

i graduate in a week. my room is packed and all that's left is my bed, tv, fridge, dvd player and nintendo. everything else is packed in a corner in boxes and bags.

i assumed that i would get to this point and i'd be sad to leave. i thought seeing my shell of a room would get me all choked up and wishing i could hang around for a while longer. turns out, this isn't the case at all. probably because i've never allowed myself to become attached to my house. i've always been apathetic about fixing it up or decorating it - it's alway's been a temporary living arrangement - as has life in college in general.

there are a few things i will miss, however. they are as follows:

- things are cheaper in manhattan. whether it's getting a q-card deal at taco bell (2 burritos, 2 tacos for $1.99), or if it's $2 drinks at o'malleys/porters/salty rim. i will miss the fact that there are countless coupons and deals catered directly to college students with no money. granted i won't be one of those anymore, but i'd still like to benefit from the deals.

- i'll miss a couple friends. most of my best friends from college are already gone or are going to be leaving at the same time as i am. but there are a handful of individuals that i will certainly miss getting to see on a somewhat regular basis. i would list them here, but i don't want to play favorites, know who you are.

- i'll miss riding my bike and walking through campus. there's something magical about the old buildings and all the limestone on kstate's campus, and it'll be a bummer to not get to surround myself with that scenery anymore. however, if i remember all the memories that came while inside those buildings, it shouldn't be hard to not miss them as much.

- i won't miss kstate football*, but i will miss kstate basketball. cartier martin, billy walker, david hoskins, luis colon, jason bennett, freddie "instant offense" brown, dk...also beasley i guess. there was always something about the basketball season that was so much more thrilling than the football season. even if our team wasn't the greatest, there was always someone simply wonderful to cheer for (read: luis colon) or someone to make fun of relentlessly (read: jason bennett).

* - even when we were good my freshman year, there was always this weird vibe that came with kstate football games that i didn't like. it was probably the fact that everyone blared country music at the tailgates and came into the game sloshed out of their mind. though i'll always remember rushing the field after dominating texas.

- and finally, i'm going to miss living with chris.

i think that pretty much covers it. so long, manhattan. sleep well without me.



Chris said...

yea, there's definitely a lot of memories inside these buildings. some more than others.

we'll have to put one of these soon.

rachel rianne said...


i hate this.

i think we should go bldg climbing one more time.