May 06, 2009

an album blog: amy winehouse, stevie wonder, ray lamontagne.

maybe it's because i haven't blogged about what i'm listening to in over a month (excluding the ben folds concert) - or maybe it's because i'm avoiding my final research proposal - but i feel inclined to throw down a quick list of the albums i've been pouring through over the last few weeks. ready break.

amy winehouse - back to black - i know i've mentioned this briefly before, but this album is flat out incredible. i can't stop listening to it. it's slowly becoming my go-to album when i can't think of something else to listen to. it's just always so good. except i don't really empathize with her music; they're all jilted lover songs, and that's something that i have the fortune of not having to deal with. i highly, highly recommend that everyone gives this album a run through. one of the top albums of 2007. probably why it won 5 of the 6 grammys it was nominated for.

stevie wonder - songs in the key of life - jon hooked me up with this album about a week ago. thank goodness. how have i never experienced stevie before? also how did i not know that Gangsta's Paradise and Wild Wild West were total stevie samples? where have i been? what a shock considering coolio was the third most listened to track in my itunes this time two years ago. i feel like i missed a massive part of life by not knowing his music (especially this album) before now. sort of like how i've never seen an episode of saved by the bell. except that's not something that i feel i'm missing out on.

ray lamontagne - gossip in the grain - i've heard a lot about ray lamontagne, but i've been skeptical and reluctant to accept him. anytime i hear about some artist that everyone around me loves my first inclination is to take a step back and not give in without a fight, but when luke posted this gnarls cover i had to give in. anyone who appreciates gnarls deserves my listening time, and i ought to have plenty of time to digest more of this album (and trouble) since i have this massive paper to get back to work on. only 9 more days of this school business.



rachel rianne said...

yeah the gnarls cover is pretty incredible.

and i love it that you love amy winehouse.
not because i think she's unexpected to be likable as an artist, but just because it's amy winehouse. and anytime people bring her up in all seriousness, it's kind of funny.

Jon said...

let me know when you want it and we will work through the 70s with stevie. what a decade.

karlie nicole mann. said...

i was looking for wallaby. :) but way to go. and thanks.

Emily said...

Ray LaMontagne is one of m faves. He's so good.

Holly said...

ray ray ray.
nine dayssssss. incredible.
i hear i might see you this weekend?

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