September 28, 2008

1-15 is just fine with me.

don't act like i never told ya.

the guys that needed to perform actually showed up - larry, tony, huard and bowe - but, more importantly, the defense looked extremely solid at times: derrick johnson especially. despite a couple unfortunate big runs, we forced turnovers and had decent pass coverage throughout. holler.

and how about that 12th man?! i haven't heard arrowhead like that against denver since dante hall's wickedly famous punt return in the 03-04 season. it felt like we wanted to win for a change.

don't expect them to go on the road at carolina and post up numbers like they did today, but i actually feel like i can watch on sunday with a hope for the future. also, don't everybody run to huard like he's a hero. this is the same damon huard who suffered from "mild head trauma" two weeks ago against oakland...mother faker.

but anyway. today i am proud to be a chiefs fan - not that i wasn't for the last 12 games- but i can finally say it without expected scoffs in return. this is going to be a good week. a confident week. things will happen this week. (you probably weren't aware that i rate my success as an individual based solely on the success of the kansas city chiefs - not entirely true, but it has a surprisingly large impact. too bad it couldn't've happened last week when i had three exams. this week must store something even more mind is doing backflips with anticipation.)

i don't care if we lose the final 12 games of the season - 1-15 is great as long as today is our only win. we won the one that really matters. talk about already exceeding expectations.



karlie nicole mann. said...

did you know the crime rate in KC actually goes up when there's a loss at arrowhead?? i wonder what will happen this week after the first win in almost a year. hopefully we'll have a great correlation on our hands.

luke said...

i wouldn't mind 1-15 either--though 2-14 would be nice with another win over that'll happen. or perhaps 3-13 with adding a win over oakland, let's not get greedy though.

i think those are the only games i actually really want to see the chiefs win this year--the others i don't really care with draft considerations. we should trade larry now for two first-rounders, or when some great team's rb goes down with an injury.

the only better thing would have been if tony got the record over shannon sharpe against the broncos. 2 more yards! i was waiting for the play action to him under 2 minutes.