September 14, 2008

technicolor technology.

i'll be honest, half of my reasoning to post this is because this picture will make my blog look infinitely cooler with absolutely no hassle.

these are beautiful. i'm not certain they're worth an investment, but they're still rather adorable. especially in rainbow form - actually, come to think of it, they might be slightly more unattractive if you removed one from it's family spectrum and viewed it on its own away from teh rainbow. but i think if i had to pick one (as if you'd really have to twist my arm to take one from you) - i'd take the yellow.

i arrived at this conclusion after much deliberation, but i've decided that i wouldn't want a black/white one cause those are boring, and that yellow and red are the only colors that wouldn't make me feel/look like a complete fruitcake.

and since i've had like 5 red phones in a row, including my new palm centro - that left the yellow one - which, upon further review, turned out to by my favorite one anyway.

i'm obviously dreaming. but which would you choose?


1 comment:

goodnightrose said...

most colorful post ever. i would definitely go purple.