September 24, 2008

another moron moment.

just moments ago i was leaving my test and walking to my bike.

as i approached my bike, i unhooked my keys from my belt loop, aimed the remote keyless entry at my bike, and hit unlock.

what. an. idiot.



nick said...

That's okay. When I wore a watch back in the day, I used to check it for the most random information: most frequently the temperature or what time it was in a movie. i don't know why.

I Dream of Scotland said...

Coop, the answer is not that you are a moron. It is that you are an innovative person. Your hand obviously knows what the rest of you has not yet figured out.

YOU are to be the inventor of the keyless, remote controlled bike lock.

You will make millions.

goodnightrose said...

better than accidentally locking your car to a tree...

Sara said...


p.s. I saw your roommate last weekend in the Little Apple. What a quality house!

...Annnnd KICK!

karlie nicole mann. said...

we could get ourselves killed, or worse - expelled!


karlie nicole mann. said...

also, JUST now i read this again....i am watching tv and a commercial was too loud, so i clicked the volume down button on my computer. haha.