September 15, 2008

manhattan public library (say shhh).

before we can just listen to this while you read.

The Seed (2.0) - The Roots

so today i decided to hit up the library. this turned out to be somewhat troublesome after i left with 4 books and 6 albums that i didn't have when i got there. so now instead of 4 books to read, i have 8 books. i'm not sure i have the time for that in the upcoming weeks, but i'm going to make time.

the brightside is that i loaded up on the blues and some gospel, and i'll have plenty of time to digest all my new music as i digest my new reading material simultaneously. the books i'm starting with:

1. The Scandel of Evangelical Politics (Sider)
2. Crisis in the Village: Restoring Hope in African American Communities (Franklin)

i added some al green, patti labelle, and smokey robinson to my collection today too. i'm currently obsessed with libraries and may just spend all my free time there this semester. it's not just interlibrary loan anymore. the whole atmosphere of the situation straight up rules.

i think i've devoted these last couple semesters to reading and planning for my future. i'm not certain i'll ever have another part of my life with so much time to research the things i want to learn. plus it'll provide me with something to do while all my roommates enjoy their lady friends' company - i'm much more interested in books and music than women right now.

actually, what am i talking about "brightside"? this whole situation rules.


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tuffy said...

have you ever read any sider before? his "rich Christians in an age of hunger" is a must read.

much love,