April 15, 2008

gnarls on snl.

so i was having a terrible day.

but on my 14th time checking youtube for the gnarls performance from saturday night live - its finally been uploaded and my crummy mood is no more.
granted the bass player isnt a storm trooper*, but man i love gnarls.
there are very few things that are more enjoyable than cee-lo plus danger mouse.

they played who's gonna save my soul too.


* - best live performance i've ever seen. period.


rachel rianne said...

i liked his watch-me-touch-my-hair move.

and the bassist may be no storm trooper
but he has great facial expressions.

bad diary days said...

what exactly did you mean by manhattan music scene? you hate my band? why cant you just say that to my face?!
batting cages ruled. we need to do that again. with girls. LOTS OF THEM.