April 18, 2008

glow in the dark tour.

kanye west's "glow in the dark" tour started wednesday in seattle. i'm currently jealous of every last individual who found themselves in the KeyArena for the opener. here's the review from the seattle times.

"so now imma be takin' no days off, til my spaceship takes off."
sorry mr. west, but its been officially launched.
should read:
"so imma be spittin' every day, no matter what the lyrics of 'Spaceship' say."

and with that one phrase i have quickly posted my most creative post to date.


pic jacked from kanye's blog.
i don't see kanye being one to object to more publicity.


bad diary days said...

i would like to, at this point in time, commend you on your blog dedication and the inspiration that provides to so many aspects of my life.
i love you more than kanye. and jay-z. combined.
throw up your rock sign.

bad diary days said...

i realize that comment didnt totally make sense. but i just woke up. get off me.

Jon said...

possibly the best tag you've ever used.