April 15, 2008


top 5 things that make me want to get out of manhattan, kansas.

5. radina's customers.
4. trucks and belt buckles.
3. i'm only involved in one middle schooler's life.
2. the local music scene.
1. wind.

there are more. but those are just the top five.
i'm ready to move on in life. things are stale.
but this is funny:



tuffy said...

hard to believe that little kid did that, and yet it wasn't better than page 9. i would think that even someone larger doing so would be huge news, and worthy of a front page photo.

alicia said...

Top 5 reasons to move to Kansas City forever:

5. plenty of little middle schoolers...
4. lexus driving mothers who wear sunglasses INSIDE starbucks
3. ridiculously slow speed limits
2. too close to missouri
1. me

well one out of five isn't bad.
(cred to Cara Heneger for helping me think of the top five)

:) :) :) (cause it annoys you)