January 29, 2008


so i'm really sick. which is a strange and new feeling for me.

i'm not sure if i've ever been sick other than getting the chicken pox in first grade. i mean, i probably as sick from time to time in elementary school or something, but i honestly cannot remember ever feeling this way in my life.

i've been pumping through vitamin c and gatorade (which i've thought was spelled '-aid' until about 4 seconds ago when i glanced at the bottle and read '-ade') and relying heavily on dayquil and nyquil to get my by. it seems to be working pretty well. i've gone from having crazy chills and a splitting headache to just having normal cold symptoms. i've been told i have the flu. sounds good to me.

the only real concern i have is that the kstate/ku game is tomorrow night and i was PLANNING on getting in line for it at about 6:30 am. obviously this cute little ailment may set me back a few rows at the game, but i will NOT miss it. biggest game of my college career hands down.

and weeza gonna weeen.


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