January 22, 2008

four point oh/i hope so.

i might as well just get a 4.0 this semester.
my classes are going to be really interesting i think - as long as i go i ought to ace them all.

intro to sociology
social organization
juvenile delinquency
intro to music
criminal justice systems

criminal justice is the only class i'm remotely worried about.
its at stinkin 8:30 am in the most uncomfortable classroom there is.
cardwell 102. yuck.

just thought i'd share that. just two more semesters to go after this one.
cmonnnnn summer 09. can't get here fast enough.

1 comment:

hol said...

i thought you were worried about "organization" ??

i hope we can both get 4.0's. I neeeeeeed that.
maybe then we'd have no curfew this summer.

...not holding my breath.