January 17, 2008

playing ketchup.

another unintentional hiatus.
i dont really understand how these things happen.
lets see if i can catch you up.

developments in my life since christmastime.
- i've decided to work at hillcrest covenant church summer 08. holla back.
- i've had to trade in my red phone for a silver one. it's "more mature."
- i have a girlfriend. her name is karlie.
- classes have started up again (today) and they're not bad.
- i'm completely out of money. sigh.
- i've been playing a lot of scrabble. i'm dece.
- i've also been partaking in quite a bit of detective work.
- i'm going to guatemala over spring break with hillcrest. we leave on my birthday.

thats pretty much it.
hopefully this post will be a launching pad back into blogging.
this seems like more of a sthanga post than a blogspot post.
that was so 4 years ago.

go relish.


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