December 07, 2007

mr. excuse ridden over-confident kansas football fan

an email i was forwarded from karlie.
originally from one of her professors.

Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius
> (real men of genius)
> Today we salute you, Mr. Excuse Ridden Over-Confident Kansas Football
> Fan.
> (Mr. Excuse Ridden Over-Confident Kansas Football Fan) Eleven straight
> wins,
> you wore that classy "Muck Fizzou" shirt like you meant it (Pinch me,
> I'm
> dreamin'!) A season of bloated statistics and over-hyped wins against
> Junior
> Varsity competition (Serve another cupcake!) Losing to a superior team
> with
> better players is no match for your what-if scenarios and
> could-have-been
> dreams (The field goal missed by inches!) So crack open an ice-cold Bud
> Light you emphatic engineer of excuses. After all, you would've won the
> game if it was played somewhere else!
> (Mr Excuse Ridden Over-Confident Kansas Football Fan.)

i might extend it into basketball a little too. bradley, bucknell, you know.

pardon the arrows and sporatic line lengths.
i'm too lazy to fix it.
plus i like the forwarded email look.



Christian said...

That's pretty funny. I guess that would sting if either of the following two statements were true:

1. K-State were one of the 64 football teams that were invited to a bowl game this year


2. K-State had done anything in basketball post Rolando Blackman and Xavier McDaniel.

With exactly zero good noncon wins this year and that George Mason loss, you better win a Big XII tourney title.

Just sayin. At least you have women's bball to fall back onto.

Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Ummm i can tell ur a KU fan.....

i happen to like MU football
and dont bring up basketball cuz u guyz just come to play basketball they flunk there classes and its the only thing they have to look foward to. they all comit suicide after 3 years of KU college