December 05, 2007

video games are dumbo.

so my roommates have been playing this video game called Assassins Creed for the last week or so, and i really question why.

the whole premise of the game is 100% sketch. essentially killing people is this dude's religion...for some reason that doesnt sit right with me. go figure.

plus, what the game seems to have in graphics is lost entirely to me by the horrendous voice audio. the dialogue is simply awful. i think i'd rather just read it in speech bubbles.

sometimes i feel like i'm not caught up with video game culture...however, games like this make it kinda easy to not really care how far behind i am. i'll stick to my nintendo 64 and games that dont focus entirely on plotted mass religious murder.

i hope someone has some knowledge of this game so they can hate me because of my completely ignorant blog. i dont really know anything about it except that it takes many many hours of focus and dedication. it doesnt even look fun.


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