December 05, 2007

spring semester.

next semester is probably going to go ahead and kill me.

i'm taking 15 hours - doesn't seem too steep really, but in the eyes of someone who dislikes school and hasn't had 5 courses where i was required to actually go to campus, sit down and take notes every day of the week? thats rough. the last time i didnt have a day off of campus in a week was first semester sophomore year...since then i've been able to finagle my way around to where my schedule looked amazing and i could take a break when i wanted to - granted that usually meant that certain days of the week felt like hell on campus (wednesdays, 1st semester, junior year), but it was worth it knowing i got a day off some other time in the week.

next semester: courses aren't really being user friendly. i have class all morning long on Mon Wed Fri and all afternoon on Tues Thurs...and the likelihood of working from 5:45 am til my afternoon classes on either tuesday or thursday is high. AND i'll have afternoon shifts on the other days. yuck. i'm going to need to learn to get to bed earlier - otherwise i'm a goner. oh and i have a night class on wednesdays.

warning to my roommates: you'll be seeing even less of me at home in the spring.

oh well. keeping busy is probably a good thing. i just wish it wasn't for 5 months straight.

but for now, i'm done thinking about that. i'm going to focus on getting to christmas break. hollerrrrr.

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