October 23, 2008

poor wording courtesy of david cook.

From RollingStone.com:

American Idol winner David Cook admits he enjoyed playing with people’s expectations and consciously threw curveballs on the show, his upcoming album is all business. “I just want the songs to kick you in the teeth or make you want to cry — or do something drastic, like jump off a building,” says Cook.

It is likely that i will lean toward the doing the latter.

Never been a huge DC fan, but admitting that some individuals may be inclined to kill themselves after listening to his music just earned him some points in my book.

EDIT. this is not to say that i condone suicide. i'm just pleased that DC understands the direct effect he has on society.



karlie nicole mann. said...

you're happy that people want to commit suicide?

karlie nicole mann. said...

i think i just realized you finish each blog with "-ap." cool.

bec said...


um wait. i feel sort of like an eavesdropper for reading this but never having met you.

but it was funny. good job.

i'm becca. i know karlie, and i hear you do too...