June 07, 2008

three books for thought.

my blog is tanking. i can't come up with anything spectacular to write about, and even when i can think of something great - it's gone by the time i think to actually write about it on here. which is unfortunate because i'm actually learning and growing a ton right now. i'm just not necessarily in the correct mindset to put it all into text form on here.

i will say though - i'm in the middle of three incredible books right now: dangerous wonder, jesus for president, and they like jesus but not the church. i'm not sure which one i like the most right now. i've read dangeroud wonder before, but it's always nice to have a good kick in the booty about what it looks like to have childlike faith and how we can see Christ for the 'dangerous wonder' that he is. the other two are new to me - the idea of individuals not liking the church/christians in comparison to Jesus isn't a new one to me, but its nice to have some words to those thoughts. jesus for pres is very interesting thus far as well. it's a look into what being a political christian can look like and the effects of living simply in life.

anyway. hopefully i'll have more to come on those. i reccommend them all three so far.


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erica said...

i wish i had time this summer to finish all the books i want to read.
reading list=ridiculously long.