June 17, 2008

let's groove.

i'm primarily posting this for christian dashiell's enjoyment.

there is something indecipherably hilarious about stormtroopers in general. it's possible that in this specific case it could be his overall lack of expression combined with his obvious joy in dancing in the street.

i think i want to be a stormtrooper for christmas*.
...and by christmas i mean halloween.


* - talk about your all time moron moments. i found this mistake the first time i went through to edit and felt like a complete doofus. but its way too funny so i'm leaving it and adding the next fragment to make up for my blunder.


karlie nicole mann. said...

i had a moron moment today too. i was entering my third hour of thank-you note writing (yes, i wrote 75) and i was writing a note to a lady named 'denise'. and here's what i wrote on her envelope: 'denise richards', which is clearly NOT her name. it's actually an actress. so i wasted a stamp and an envelope.

rachel rianne said...

stormtroopers are really rather creepy. and the fact that they have no facial expression and can dance like that only adds to the creepiness and grows my hatred for the empire.

but i laughed too.

Holly said...

this guy only has one move.