June 11, 2008

messy games.

today is insane. it's also wednesday.

we'll can call it "wednesane"*. today is wednesane.

the first of two messy game events just finished up here at hillcrest. middle school is down. high school to go. we were planning for 35 kids. we had 85. they brought some of the most insane food fight items too. the most disgusting award goes to my man charlie. he mixed all the leftovers in the vbs kitchen together in a huge 5 gallon bucket. it looked like vomit. smelled like vomit. and i got some in my mouth and it tasted like vomit. ah yeah boi.

biggest success besides the massive brawl: tube sock ultimate. pretty much fill a tube sock with flour and throw it around. but every time the sock is caught it explodes in a cloud of white dust. it sounds pretty average and not very messy, but it was a blast.

things i've learned since 12 pm: sometimes eggs don't break and they're usually harder than you might think. thats all for now. i gotta get chipotle before the high schoolers show up for round two.

and i just found something crusty on my toe. even though i just showered.


* - pronounced "win-sane".


rachel rianne said...

i thought,
mmm chipotle...

and then you said something about your crusty toe,
and then i didn't want to eat at all.

bad diary days said...

remember when you were mad at me all day, and then got revenge? i still have stuff in my beard i think.


enialeacire said...

i like the name change.
it's cute.

Billy said...

I remember messy games night...