May 05, 2008

back to school.

this is going to be a very weak blog week.
i've got papers and tests and not a lot of time to think about extracurricular things.
its my fault though. i've done next to nothing for quite some time.
so i need to take a week or so and catch up on everything.
next week are finals. then i'm starting my first month in kansas city in nearly two years.
thats sorta exciting i guess (slight understatement - the word sight is also an understatement.)

a gentleman pushing 60 years came into radina's yesterday morning with this on his tshirt:


Melissa said...

did you mean 'eggstracurriguler?'

ryan said...

I hope I'm still practicing safe lunch when I'm in my 60's!!!

karlie nicole mann. said...

ohhhh no. i didn't have a safe lunch. bread, turkey, and cheese. dang it.

ALSO. please notice a sort of green condiment missing from the bunch.

rachel rianne said...

hey my birthday was in february.
wanna buy me that shirt?

KK said...

that is spectacular.
you should take that design into threads and mass produce it.

then again, it wouldn't be cool if everyone had one.

scratch that idea.

Billy said...

When you come to town can we go to a Royals game?

erica said...

i'll blog for you. i've been blogging too much lately.

go mustard.