May 11, 2008

3rd floor hale library. great room. 3:30 pm.

welcome to the northeast corner of the great room/hogwarts in hale library.
thats a piece of Big Red in my mouth. not my tongue.
its helping me ween off of red bull. ok thats not true (red bull not pictured).

and i was under the impression that libraries contained books.
i was mistaken it appears.
reminds me of one of those cheesy shots they do at prep schools in front of a bookcase full of impressive looking volumes like don quixote, les miserables and the lorax.
i'm like a poor man's jimmy carter.



karlie nicole mann. said...

1. what time did you actually write this? (it says
2. jimmy carter looks like your dad.
3. i thought the gum was your tongue and i was sicked out.

luke said...

yeah right big red. you are rolling your tiny little tongue and sticking it out to the side. i know it.

ps i have no idea whether or not your tongue is actually tiny.

bad diary days said...

luke that was gayer than anything ive said. i hope?