May 15, 2008

8/8 > 8/10 (?)

another day, another semester.

i've completed my eighth of ten semesters at kstate. part of me wishes the final i just conquered brought semester eight of eight to a close, but i've come to terms with another year of school and i'm excited to see what manhattan has in store in the fall and next spring (won't be athletics, i can assure you that.)

i'm heading back to kc on saturday after the class of 08 graduation and beginning my 3 month tenure as a hillcrest summer youth intern extraordinaire early sunday morning. what a fierce way to kick off the summer. i say bring it on.



karlie nicole mann. said...

actually adam, this is 2008.

adam paul said...

"i feel sheepish..."

-- Genie, "Aladdin"

Sara said...


Also, I like that you said "fierce."