March 31, 2008

#14 in your scorecard, #1 in your heart.

you may notice that i've included a john buck stat tracker on my sidebar to the right. that way we can all follow the greatness together.

my likely-to-be conservative preseason predictions:

Avg: .304
RBI: 94
HR: 27

two hits and a run scored on opening day. just another day at the office for mr. incredible.


ps. i also have a goal of 20 royals games this summer. thats a quarter of the home games. let me know if you want to go. i always will.


Billy said...

Guarantee they win the penant if we can only get Guillen to talk Buck into using 'roids.

Imagine his numbers...

luke said...

buck doesn't need roids!!! buck is the cream and the clear wrapped together and pasted on 1987 arnold schwarzeneggar. yes, i know i misspelled that but i don't care.

ps. royals, denny's, justice. it's happening.