March 25, 2008

what a TREASURE.

i poured myself a hearty bowl of fruit loops this morning and i found this incredible piece of merch. its a hot wheels watch. its my new favorite watch. my old favorite watch also came from a cereal bowl. it was a Hercules watch. i only had it for a week in chicago. i took it to wrigley field, up the sears tower and to lake michigan with me. hopefully HW will accompany on similar adventures. what a great way to start a day.



alicia said...

I'm sure I've said this before but... You. Are. A. Dork.

And I'm so excited to work with you this summer!

Anonymous said...

You should buy 6 more boxes and hope to get a complete set.

I could see you with SEVEN on one arm.

That'd be hawt.

bad diary days said...

i could see you with seven on one arm because your arm is small.