November 30, 2007

"hey look everybody! billy peed his pants!"

so kstate lost to oregon at home in a game that they definitely should have won. they lost it at the free throw line and they had a shot at the last second but jacob pullen and andre gilbert teamed up for a pretty dumb maneuver and the game ended.

but anyway. this post isn't about that.
it is about the following picture that i witnessed live.

billy walker peed himself with 1.8 seconds left in regulation. the teams broke out of a time out and set up for the last play. billy proceeded to grab himself and jump around out at midcourt for 30 seconds before sprinting to the bench, grabbing about 15 towels and shoving them down the front of his pants, and doing his thing.

then he ran back out on the court without washing his hands.
but not until after he wiped off his leg. yuck.

just another reason billy walker is my favorite.
#12 on your roster. #1 in your hearts.


ps. gotta love the perfectly executed Billy Madison quote. holler.

1 comment:

Jon said...

incredible billy madison quote. i'm impressed about how wonderfully that all worked out for you.