November 26, 2007

david sides - kanye west medley.

i was on youtube messing around just now and discovered david sides.

the guy plays everything by ear. he takes popular radio songs (of artists that ar conveniently some of my favorites - chris brown, kanye west, coldplay, justin timberlake, timbaland/one republic) and plays them to perfection on the piano.

here's his medley of kanye's last cd, graduation. it is pretty much unreal. all by ear and it sounds like i'm listening to the actual cd. i'm in awe really. i'm getting excited for it and moving around like i've got 'graduation' on right now in my earbuds. just give this a listen. if you dont follow kanye, or only recognize parts of this medley, i encourage you to check out his myspace.

actually. i'm going to throw this down...check out his myspace or ELSE.
yep. i said it.


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