July 23, 2007

sexually questionable writing at its finest.

please allow yourself to float into a slightly immature state of mind for this post. thank you.

i came home from campus a few days ago and sat down at my computer screen. i had left my gmail window open and my friend dan had sent me a quote from an mlb.com article on billy butler and the royals. this is the quote:

BOSTON -- Royals manager Buddy Bell was leaning on the batting cage. The sun bathed the greenery of Fenway Park and a breeze stirred through the 70-degree afternoon. A delightful day at the tradition-rich ballpark.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Bell mused.

Bell liked what he was seeing inside the cage, too. Billy Butler, his muscular forearms bulging, was putting wood to maximum use...

that is all. laugh amongst yourselves.


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