July 30, 2007

chris brown on sesame steet.

apparently this is supposed to air on August 17.

i am becoming more and more impressed with chris brown every day. i used to just be a "gimme that" and "run it" fan. you know, the type of guy who knows the popular radio songs and has no idea of the true talent behind the studio editing and all. well, i'm not hating on those songs - big fan - but i didnt really realize the stud chris brown is until recently.

not only did he appear for about 4 episodes in one of my favorite tv shows ever (the oc), but i've also discovered that he's got one of the best voices ever. he's like usher and omarion combined...only better. plus he can dance like its no body's business. oh, and he's 18.

anyway. he's dropped his single on itunes already - which i was actually surprised he did after the recent trend in withholding tracks until actual cd releases. but anyway. the single is "wall to wall". if you liked run it and gimme that then you'll like this too, but i encourage you to dive deeper than the radio tracks - cb has style that i think everyone ought to be aware of.


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Holly said...

know what else airs august 17?