February 07, 2007

gnarls at the grammys.

gnarls barkley is up for three grammys.
they'll probably win best alternative album.
but mary j will take them out in record of the year.
and justin will for sure take home album of the year.

at least they're likely to lose to two other artists i respect.
if they lose to like...the dixie chicks or carrie underwood...then i'll be hacked.

but i dont see that transpiring.
anyways. watch for cee-lo and danger mouse at the grammys.
chances are you wont miss them.
cause chances are they'll look ridiculous.


1 comment:

Christian said...

I stopped taking the Grammy's seriously when American Idol contestants started winning them. Please. The only thing that would be more redonk is if Jtim beats out the Dixie Chicks for anything.