March 24, 2009

pro d.

so spring break happened. you might think that my lack of blogging over the last 11 days was because i went somewhere far away and desolate where i had no internet access and was constantly preoccupied with other things. this would be false. i have very little to report regarding my break from school.

i did purchase a pro destroyer though. seriously heavy artillery. just holding it gives me a rush of adrenaline. it's like i have a nolan ryan fastball harnessed in a 171 gram disc. or a happy gilmore drive. or a john buck big fly. or a doug flutie drop kick. or all of them combined. if pinky and the brain ever succeeded in taking over the world - this is what it would feel like.

boom goes the dyno.

also, do you ever feel like a day is an important day but you can't figure out why? like maybe it's someone's birthday. or it was the deadline for something. or you have a bill to pay and that's the last day to get it in. today is one of those days for me. march 23rd*. what is it?! it's killing me.

and i did not forget to pay the water bill.


* - alas. it's march 24th. thanks jenna.

1 comment:

Jenna said...

yeh, except today is the 24th. So if you're thinking that March 23rd had something you needed to do, ya done missed it. Uhoh!