March 13, 2009

the number 23.

my birthday falls on the best day of the year: march 14. you can argue all you like, but it's the truth. here are just four of the reasons:

1. pi day - ever since i learned how to calculate circumference my birthday has been celebrated in childish math classrooms all over. it's celebrated with cute activities involving circular pies which ultimately result in a delicious key lime snack.

2. spring break - falls nearly every year on my birthday. i have spent more birthdays traveling than i have spent birthdays at home (1 in chicago, 3 in monterrey, 1 in guatemala, and about 12 in oklahoma.) i used to think that i really wanted to have school on my birthday so that i could bring funfetti cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. i was so jealous of everyone else who got to bring treats for the class on their big day. but then i finally had school on the 14th for the first two years of college and was presented with a combined 5 exams, 1 presentation, 1 paper and 1 course project. i quickly realized that not bringing cupcakes was just fine. besides, i didn't have to share them this way.

3. a week after MLB tickets go on sale - the perfect amount of time to buy a ticket package, slap a bow on it and give it as a gift a week later. the royals might as well just post "get adam a 9 game pack for his birthday next week" because what else are people getting gifts for this time of year? easter? spring break? pi day? no. those are not gift exchanging holidays. it is only for people like me who have the good fortune of celebrating their birth with 9 royals games of their choice. (there is no need to rush to the K for's already been done.)

4. conference tournaments/first round of the ncaa tournament - depending on the year. this year the conference championships fall on my birthday. in past years it has been the first round. either way, the hype surrounding college basketball reaches its first of many climaxes on my big day. btw: did you guys SEE that game last night?! if you have to ask what game then the answer is no. one of the best college basketball games of all time. goodness.

also it's my birthday. so i turn 23 tomorrow, and it's good to know that while birthdays become increasingly less exciting as one gets older, there isn't a chance mine can ever flounder. that's a combination for a great day every single year.



karlie nicole mann. said...

one time instead of bringing cupcakes to school, you found a whole pan in your room just for you.

i'm going to lunch now kbey.

Jon said...

not sure what new medium is the best way to say happy bday so i'm choosing this one. too bad your blog post title is shares it's name with a crappy jim carrey movie.

Holly said...

also: twenty three is michael jordan's number. just saying.

Holly said...

you don't blog very often.
see you sooooooooon.