February 27, 2009

macking on the chassis.

i'm in a coffee shop right now and there is a college student - looks like a freshman or sophomore - who is mercilessly flirting with two girls at the same time. he told the one on the right that she looks flaming good today. i'm assuming because she is wearing orange. the other (the one on the left) he is teasing "only beacuse he loves her." both of these comments were followed by a long pause and a telling glance between the girls that essentially said, "this guy is all up in our Kool-Aid."

also his fly is down. poor guy.



rachel rianne said...

i occasionally open the collegian when i'm REALLY bored.

today in class i was REALLY bored.
and there was an opinion article on guys being creepers.
how to figure out if you are one,
how to spot one,

and the guy's photo was a little creeperish also.

when will they learn?

karlie nicole mann. said...

can i get a sup yo?

is what he should've said.