January 19, 2009

spring 09 courses.

classes this semester:

earth through time - also called "the history of planet earth." also called "the life science that i have to take to graduate in 4 months." ought to be a total pain but it also ought to be an easy class. all the notes posted online and all the points based on three multiple choice exams. prediction: A
family relations & gender roles - also called "an easy yet slightly interesting class that will help fill graduation requirements." a few individuals very close to me have taken this class and gotten easy A's...then again they're both way better students than i am. probably why they've both graduated and i haven't. but i have faith that i can get through just fine. prediction: A
methods of social research (w/ lab) - also called "the class on my sociology course listing that i've been avoiding." basically this course is pretty much a big huge paper. it's deadlines and research and rough drafts and editting. also there is an attendance policy that goes something like, "if you miss three classes you lose 10% of your grade." this is bad news for me. hopefully i can get legitimately interested in what i research. if not....uh oh. prediction: B.
race and ethnic relations - also called "the only class i'm legitimately interested in this semester." it's a discussion oriented and participation based class, and i'm really excited to get involved in some terrific conversations. it's going to be a lot of reading and i'm going to have to put a lot of time and effort into it, but good thing i only have 1 other class that's worth my time. prediction: B

...bowling and tennis. prediction: A's.

ultimately, i'm thinking that my last semester here at kstate might be my best in terms of grades. i'll keep my fingers crossed. and i should probably keep my work ethic up. ought to be a good way to finish off my time at school.


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Laura said...

I loved my family relations and my race and ethnic class. you have to tell me what your doing in them. That will be so much fun