January 16, 2009

the call.

the story goes like this:

we're at old chicago and "stronger" by britney spears comes on and i start lip syncing accompanied by subtle dance motions. and my friend matty says, "you've always reminded me of this guy i saw in a youtube video once, and that lip syncing just sealed the deal.*"

so then he posts this on my facebook wall. so then i post it on here because it's eerily similar to me. watch and enjoy.

also to the fellas that did this...high five. i'm actually impressed and love your work. we could be great friends. and maybe twins too...except i'll be honest...i think i'm a better lip syncer than my counterpart.

* - this was paraphrased - not verbatum.


Christian said...

you are about 1/3 the prep/thug of that cat on the left. pretty darn close to a spitting image.

em. said...

okay, so my four fav. parts of that video

hilarious...love it