December 11, 2008

why tim tebow will win the heisman.

because this season has boiled down to the following question:

SEC or Big 12?

and the heisman voters will pick according to which quarterback is the BEST in the BEST conference. half pick the SEC. half pick the Big 12.

colt mccoy and sam bradford will split the votes given to the Big 12. and tim tebow will get all the votes given to the SEC. and tim tebow will reign for the second season in a row.

thats my take. have any thoughts? comments? concerns? i don't have a tumblr so feel free to leave any of them here.



thomas park said...

i really dont understand why we dont hang out more often. because every time we hang out, we bring out the LOL's in each other.

oh, thanks for interrupting my convo with karlie again last night.

karlie nicole mann. said...

what does tom mean? when did i have a conversation with him?

also sam bradford won so you need to update your blog. probably about how much you love shopping at target.