December 18, 2008

burrito wednesday.

a conversation i overheard yesterday while waiting outside room 134 in the derby dining center:

girl: hey brian, are you going to burrito wednesday today?
guy: what's burrito wednesday?
girl: it's when you eat burritos for lunch on wednesday. its today.
guy: wait. what?



Laura said...

I love burrito wednesday it's my second favorite day after taco tuesday... IT's good

rachel rianne said...

why would you limit a food to one day a week?
or a day to one type of food for that matter?

and why would you eat a burrito at the derb anyway?

erica said...

in high school we used to curb our lunch choices around what the special was at snack bar. tuesdays were the hardest. for lunch they always had crispitos, potato bar, AND bosco sticks. only the brave chose all three.

zach and kristen said...

i love burrito wednesday!
you've never heard of it?

guess what....we have a blog now too!
come read it!