August 15, 2008

false alarm.

'half blood prince' release pushed back to summer.

well that sucks. they want to push i back to next summer so they can make more money off it. if it was a good reason like "daniel radcliffe has chicken pox" or "emma watson fell down an elevator shaft" then i would understand. but just cause you want more money?! i mean cmon - has the harry potter legacy not done well enough as it is? and why can't you just push it back to december?! you'd make a crapton then. i guess they realized that november is the worst and just wanted to sprinkle a little salt on the wound.



karlie nicole mann. said...

this is probably the worst news i received all day.

karlie nicole mann. said...

“When a movie overperforms the way Dark Knight has, you really don’t need Harry Potter in the fall.”

screw that.