February 01, 2008

february > january. but only cause its closer to march.

well its february 1.

which truly means nothing substantial other than it is a new month and one day closer to the end of this horrible season.
however, we don't get to decide when winter ends - we ultimately leave it up to the greatest prognosticator of them all - a over-sized rodent named Phil. which, in kansas, is as respectable as any other guessing creature.

monday it was in the low 60s. tuesday it snowed. good luck lil buddy.

i was a rather pitiful student this week - most of my slacking was due to being excessively sick - but in that three day span of grossness i got about 9 emails from my professors...none of which i've cared to check out. i simply am not allowing myself to become engulfed in school just yet. its just such a drag. i'd rather listen to daft punk.



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