January 16, 2007


my house, or the House of Kings as the five of us like to call it, is known amongst our group of friends as a house where the door is always open. don't have anything to do? stop by our house; we have our fare share of get-togethers. sometimes only a few (8) people, but sometimes we host organized events in which we attract a multitude of peeps (for example, the Post-Ichthus Dance Party attracted somewhere near 80 guests).

today my roommate hosted a smaller event called a Halo-a-thon. yes, yes, the popular XBOX game "Halo" was played for 7 hours straight at my house today. 16 people. 8 in the living room, 8 in my room. 4 consoles. 7 hours. confession: i was the 16th person to join. i refused to play for a very long time, but then i realized that instead of playing i was just sitting and watching everyone else play. what is more pathetic, playing Halo for 7 hours or watching other people play Halo for 7 hours? so i played my first Halo ever today, and i'm not gonna lie - i really enjoyed it. its a lot more fun than i ever expected it to be. and in the setting i played it (team games 8 on 8) it really does promote some sort of community. there is strategy, cooperation and a lot more talking than in anticipated. i played about 3 of the 7 hours, and i enjoyed most of it. except for part of the time when we played with rocket launchers and i got my butt handed to me. but i owned in "Tower of Power".

my username was "angry emo kids". so every time i killed someone it said "You were killed by angry emo kids."

one time i killed myself and it said "angry emo kids committed suicide." i'll be honest. i laughed.

anyways. i thought i'd share that. i'm not really a gamer, but my outlook on the game has changed drastically in the course of three hours.



Broken Artist said...

halo is pretty freakin fun

Christian said...

First, thanks for the constant support for my use of the term "donker". It means a lot, and is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Secondly, you better get good grades this semester. Halo, American Idol, GI Joe dubbing and Leroy Jenkins do not a graduate make, my good friend. Just sayin'.

BTW. LMAO every time I watch Leroy Jenkins. I think I'll watch it right now.

kate said...

ad. i think your posts(?) rock, and i am what i think you'd call a 'regular'. congrats on trying something new, even something like halo.