January 31, 2007

a dancing evangelical

there is a Christian K-12 school in the kansas city area that doesn't host school dances (to avoid pointing fingers, we'll call it something generic like Kansas City Christian School). it doesn't have a homecoming dance - it has a winter banquet instead. growing up i always thought that was ridiculous, and now that i'm grown - i still do.

in a related story, the NY Times threw out this article a few days ago. i found it to be a perfect blend of relief and humor...much like Preparation H. it is especially comforting for those of us who are hosting a dance party tomorrow night...

hilarious section on page 1: "They are opting to allow formal dances, like swing or ballroom. Of course, it’s unlikely there will be hip-hop or bump-and-grind at J.B.U. They will not be krumping."

give it a read.


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Christian said...

christian's don't dance. give alex a hug for me.