December 16, 2006

pursuit of happyness.

yes. i know it's spelled with an i.
thats how they spell it. ok?

pursuit of happyness was incredible. i wouldn't usually rush on here and start typing away about a movie i just saw, but not only was this movie really really great, the majority of my friends have already left for home and i don't really have much to do for the next fifteen minutes until i have like 9 events happening (not true).

will smith plays a single father, chris gardner, in san francisco. long story short, he's broke and he has to resort to homeless shelters for he and his son in order for them to get by, all the while he is juggling floundering as a bone density scanner salesman, a 6 month hardcore broker internship, studying for exams, and he does all this without having a car or a place to live...and supporting his 5 year old son Christopher at the same time. it was based on a true story apparently.

seriously beautiful movie. heartwrenching at times, joyous at times, but also pretty darn funny still. its a really wonderful father/son story as well as an amazing personal achievement account too. i'll admit, my eyes swelled up a bit a couple times. will smith does a pretty incredible job. which, i personally think, isn't really a change from the norm. i've been pretty impressed with him a number of times...bagger vance...hitch...really, i think he just took some roles where it was near impossible to be considered a "good actor" afterward (MIB, ID4, I Robot)...much like Tim Allen in....all his movies. but anyway. he was pretty great in this one.

plus the kid is friggin awesome. someday i want my kid to have a lil fro when he's 5. (which only increases the love i expressed for alicia keys in my brief post from this afternoon.)

AND it is set in 1981 when the rubik's cube first hit the shelves, and everyone is perplexed by it and whatnot. will smith can do it cause he's a smart dude/its not really that difficult and i can do it too. i picked one up yesterday and my buddy taught me how to do it in about 5 minutes...all it is: memorizing "algorithms". which is a smart/fancy way of saying "it's science"....formulas basically.

wrap up: go see this movie. it was amazing. usually i regret spending 7 bucks for a movie (da vinci code), but this one was worth every penny.


ps: watch for the preview for "Dreamgirls"...more like the 'E! True Hollywood Story of Destiny's Child If They Hadn't Gotten Along The Whole Time". lame.


Natalie said...

this post makes me want to drop what i'm doing and go see the pursuit of happyness. job well done. the baby with the fro is dang cute.

enialeacire said...

this was a really good post ap. i've been wanting to see this movie since i saw the preview for it!! i want to see it even more now. i honestly think this one will rock my charts and knock all of my other favorite movies to the ground. i'm glad i have all break to watch it the first time, then a second, then a third, and maybe if i'm feeling risky, a fourth. also, dreamgirls is supposed to be amazing!!!! another that i'm pretty excited about seeing!! -es

bad diary days said...

i like reading what you write. even when it is alot. number 1 on my to do list when i get to manhattan is finish the harry potter movie with you and karl. i love you.

hollyisawesome said...

maybe this isn't lame.